Mitzi and james Batterson

Between Mitzi and James, our owners, they have over three decades of experience in the wine industry. They are both alumni from the College of William & Mary and Mitzi continued on to the University of Virginia to complete her PhD in Pharmacology. James' highly discerning palate enables him to create over 15 unique styles of Virginia wine. With Mitzi's specialty in biochemistry, she works closely with her husband in order to produce and promote Virginia wine as a singular entity.  As a small, family-owned winery; two young, future vintners, are frequent sights around the Tasting Room.

Alexander Morgan

A native of Charlottesville, our General Manager, Alexander finally transplanted himself to Glen Allen in order to be closer to work and Virginia Commonwealth University, from which he graduated. We can thank his Master's Degree in English for our novel-esk wine tasting descriptions that paint you a picture of how the wine will make you feel. He is responsible for everything that happens during regular business hours, and is entrusted with the integrity of the wine after manufacture. Going wherever he is needed, it is not uncommon to find Alexander in odd venues or circumstances.

ellie woolet


Ellie has been a part of the winery family since 2016, when she shined as our Summer intern. She is a graduate from James Madison University, where she studied Hospitality Management, with a concentration in wine, and has recently earned her CSW, Certified Specialist of Wine, certification. As our Events & Tasting Room Manager, Ellie works to make your experience at James River Cellars extraordinary. From hosting weddings and private parties, to organizing quirky wine pairing events and everything in between, Ellie spends most of her days overseeing Tasting Room operations, always on the lookout for the next big thing. 

dennis domayer


The longest tenured pourer at James River Cellars, Dennis has seen it all. His wife and he were driving by in the summer of 2001, and stopped in for a wine tasting. Then he never left. Dennis retired from the state, yet occupies his spare time by joking with customers and gauging the quality of James’ work from vintage to vintage. With a background in teaching history, be careful of his tastings – you might learn something!

glen stone

IMG_2413 (1).JPG

Our Vineyard Manager, Glen Stone, has decades of horticulture and landscape experience, having worked in numerous positions for James River Grounds Management. After his service in the U. S. Marine Corps, Glen was quite finished with desert sand, and took up a career in grass and plants. In recent, Glen has shifted his focus and now is tasked with tending to the vineyard.